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My New Release:  Fly High, Fly Blind


Fly High, Fly Blind, the long-awaited sequel to This Bird Flew Away is now available HERE

 on Kindle Books.


Bria Connelly is so content with her life. The past has been -- shall we say, difficult -- but her present is calm seas and sweet sailing. All she ever wanted. Well, except for... (Oh, forget all that.) At home, in Calgary, Alberta she runs a successful legal practice advocating for disadvantaged women and children. Granted, sometimes the misery and inequities her clients face gets her down, but when that happens, she runs off to race horses in the rodeo to let of steam. She has two beautiful children, twins -- and no husband, but that's okay. She has Mary, once her foster mother, now her partner in life. The arrangement may not be traditional, but it works. She is totally in control and she wouldn't trade her life for any other . Nope, not for nothing!

One day, while she is busy in her office, the phone rings. She answers and her life is suddenly swept up in a whirlwind and deposited in a place and a situation totally alien to her. But not quite. There is one person she knows there: Jack.

Jack was once her best friend, her guardian and mentor. There was a time when she loved him with all her heart. And now?

But Bria has more on her mind than seeing Jack again. She has a client, or more specifically the mother of one of her clients caught up in a trial for murder. Destitute and forlorn, this woman stands alone. Unable to leave her to the tender mercies of the New York justice system, Bria takes on her defense, however reluctantly.

Not only is there a woman's life hanging in the balance, but Bria's long-kept dark secret; Bria and Jack's past and present; two abused girls, both victims, one  innocent and one complicate in the crimes against them, all need her help.

What's a woman to do?

I'm pleased to announce the re-release of This Bird Flew Away, now available on Kindle for $2.99.  Find it HERE.

First released in 2010, This Bird Flew Away received some wonderful reviews from both readers and book reviewers. (You can read some of these on the published book review page. Thank you, all.) And as if that was not enough to warm this author's heart, in 2011, this novel was awarded  the honor of "Finalist" by the Indie Excellence Book Awards for the category of literary fiction. Talk about a rush!

 Now that my contract with the publisher has expired and my baby is all mine again - yahoo--I decided to privately publish in digital format on Kindle. You'll find this book there for $2.99. (Yes, I know the price of the printed version was a little steep -- not my doing! Hey no one was more shocked than me to see the sticker price. I mean, have you any idea how hard it is to sell paperback books for $18.95, not to mention having to pay extra to have your book included in any book fairs, etc, out of your measly 10%; to have to set up all your own book tours, virtual and real, pay your own promotion, etc, etc, etc....  I see another article coming here one day.) So for all of you who haven't read the heart-warming story of Bria, Jack and Mary, here's your chance. 

 A new life called for a new book cover: done (check) and a new video trailer: done (check.) Do you like it?  I do. All home made. (Like you couldn't guess, right?) Anyway, check out the new video below. I'll join you at the end.



  Next is the new and redesigned Facebook page (sigh!) But, if you want to look at it, it's here.  (Well not quite, haven't done it yet, but soon. Real soon. We're still under construction here and I don't get a lot of time to work on it...)


Coming soon:  (Soon being a subjective word)

 The Greatest Romance Ever Written - (Working Title)

 Meet Margaret and Margot. At forty-something Margaret is still full of romantic dreams but her life is anything but. Plain, getting a little heavy in mid-life, apparently invisible to the world and easily forgotten, she still lives with her mother, though her mother isn't exactly who she used to be, thanks to the obscene and relentless advance of Alzheimer's. For almost twenty years she's worked at the same dull, boring job and for the same man. Her only entertainments are her life-long addiction to steamy romance novels and television.



 Margot on the other hand, is strikingly beautiful. To use a hackneyed phrase, she's drop dead gorgeous. She turns men's heads wherever she goes. She lives a life of exotic travels, torrid affairs and glittering romances.

You wouldn't think these two women have anything in common, but they do. A lot. A body, for one thing.

Problem is lately, Margot doesn't seem to know her place, intruding more and more until Margaret loses track of where she ends and Margot begins.

 It all begins to unravel.... 

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