Lynda M. Martin

Lynda was born in Dunfirmline, Scotland in 1953, emigrated to Canada with her parents as a young girl. She grew up on the vast prairies of Western Canada, and loved the open wide spaces of that wild land. She was educated in Medicine Hat, Alberta, a town in the southeast corner of that province, and spent most of her time riding horses, barrel racing and hanging around rodeos and cowboys.


In  1968, the product of a troubled youth and a dysfunctional family, she found herself on her own at the age of fifteen, two thousand miles from her home, and knows first hand the dangers facing girls on our streets and the predators that prey on them. She was one of the lucky ones. She survived.

 Later in life, she went east to Montreal for her education, graduating from the University of Montreal with a degree in Business Administration, which provided a fine income, but little in the way of personal satisfaction. Still in her twenties, she became a volunteer with social services to work with troubled teen-aged girls, and took every course the social agencies offered. 

Soon, she became an outreach worker who worked with police, social agencies and charities, becoming a respected front-line worker, often initiating first contact with recovered abused and exploited children. Over the years, and in many different jurisdictions, this second career became the driving force of her life, which often took her into law-enforcement, child welfare agencies, prosecutors offices and the courts.

You can read more  about her career in child protection on her popular and widely read article The Rape of the Innocents. This article is one of many she's written, posted on her publishing site and accessible here.


Lynda and her husband Jim make their home in the sunny state of Florida. She has two daughters and four grandchildren.

 Now supposedly retired, Lynda is a  writer, editor, writing teacher and coach. And -- a home-healthcare provider.  (Do you see a novel about the elderly and disabled in the future?)

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