This Bird Flew Away 

has passed through the hands of over one hundred readers.

Here's what some of these readers had to say.



"The credit is yours that such an uncomfortable subject is rendered warm and human through your lucid and flowing prose. There is nothing standing between the reader and the story. The worst men can do is balanced by the best. Very vivid, very sensitive -- well done, beautiful and destined to be an important work." -- H.M. Goodchild, author of Twice Told Tales


"Flawless! Well polished, professional storytelling of the highest caliber as far as I’m concerned. The feeling of wound up emotion this reader experienced from  Bria’s tale was very intense.  Your brilliant writing takes the reader on Bria’s journey – one that stretches over a period of twenty years and two great countries – from the hopelessness of sexual abuse, to the heights of personal achievement and love. We cheer for her, applaud her and cry with her. An epic family saga – heaped with well crafted narrative, tear filled, insightful and clever. This Bird Flew Away is traumatic, intelligent determined and ultimately triumphant." --   J. McRae, author of Lucifer and Auld Lang Syne



"The pitch promised much and the book did not disappoint. I love the intricate way you weave the relationship and trust between Bria and Jack. You slowly build the layers and it is an emotional ride as Bria reveals her secrets and Jack offers his in balance. Your dialogue is so believable. This Bird Flew Away is something special."  S. Mackender, author of Knowing Liam Riley


This Bird Flew Away is a remarkable account of ordinary people thrown into extraordinary circumstances, a portrait of humanity that rings so very true.  Your depiction is very insightful.  Reading became an obsession and I would have read it straight through, but my wife made me stop.  I felt absolutely emotionally spent at the conclusion.  I laughed; I wept; and read on, pumped with anticipation up to the last word.” -- Jack Hunsucker, Lawton, Oklahoma

"Bria's tale is a harrowing one, but she is redeemed by the love of her two aunts, which obviously helps instill in her a Scarlett O'Hara sense of self, and the attentions of Jack Connelly. Her story is one of triumph over adversity, and is both warm and inspirational. I enjoyed the book'ss dual perspective which I think worked well, and the characters are vivid.  This book is powerfully written.”Amanda Severn, West Sussex, England


This Bird Flew Away is a unique and clever look at the complicated relationships and emotions that make a family, of courage and cowardice, beauty and spitefulness, and love in so many degrees, an honest and heart-warming story of courage and triumph through some very rough waters.” – Brenda Stone, Toronto, Ontario



 "Young Bria discovers early in life that not all is fair or just or right.  Abuse and neglect lead her to set out on her own and the resulting theft of her innocence. Yet, with help, she heals and goes on to help others. Hers is a story that reaches out, grabs the reader and won't let go.” Peg Cole, Copeville, Texas



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